vendredi 17 juillet 2009

Little Brother-The listening

01. Morning (Feat. Chaundon)
02. Groupie Pt. 2
03. For You
04. Speed
05. Whatever You Say
06. Make Me Hot
07. The Yo-Yo
08. Shorty On the Lookout (Feat. Median)
09. Love Joint Revisited
10. So Fabulous
11. The Way You Do It
12. Roy Lee, Producer Extraordinaire
13. The Get Up
14. Away From Me
15. Nobody But You (Feat. Keisha Shontelle)
16. Home
17. Nighttime Maneuvers
18. The Listening

jeudi 16 juillet 2009

U-N-I-Fried chicken and watermelon

01 Introduction
02 The Launch
03 Soul-Hop
04 Let Me BE
05 The Show 2007
06 Do Wit Me
07 Let Me Sing For You (Skit)
08 Knock On Wood09 Fat Girl
10 The Proposal
11 Castlevania
12 LapDance
13 Beautiful Day
14 K.R.E.A.M.

El prez-Prez-a-nomics "supply the demand"

1. Intro
2. So EZ prod. by THX
3. Tag-A-Long (Cold World, Cold Game) feat and prod. by Dale Danja
4. The Girl I Knew II prod. by 3AM productions
5. One Two prod. by Disko Boogie
6. Uaintuponthis! feat U-N-I and Dale Danja prod. by 3AM productions
7. Worth Waiting For prod. by 3AM productions
8. Gunnin for the Crown feat. Chuck Crazy and Dale Danja prod. by 3AM Productions
9. I Do ('til death do us part) prod. by JRK
10. I'll Be Around prod. by 3AM Productions
11. Bottom Dollar feat Dale Danja prod. by JRK
12. All Around the World (The Politician's Anthem) feat Matt Mayhem prod. by Dale Danja
13. Outro feat Indef prod. by 3AM Productions


mercredi 15 juillet 2009

Musab-Slicks box

1.Night of Mirage
2.Ay Ay (South Side Accent)
3.Please Do Not Assume
4.I Won't Die
5.I Ain't Even in the NBA
6.Hat & Shoes
7.U Talkin' to Me?!!
9.Confessions of MN Slicks
10.Family Ties
11.I Gots to Get Mine
12.Kool Aid (Gettoe Juice)


Astonish-From now until forever

1. Can U Hear Me
2. The Interview
3. Problems feat. Scheme & Decay
4. Broken Dreams5. Panik Attack
6. Microphone Check
7. Life Ain't Sweet feat. Termanology
8. No Patience
9. Light'em Up
10. Impossible


mardi 14 juillet 2009

Brother ali-Champion

1. Champion (Remix)
2. Bad Ma Fucka
3. Sleepwalker
4. Love On Display
5. Self Taught
6. Heads Down
7. Chain Link
8. Waheedah's Hands
9. Rain Water

Makeshift-The no doze mixtape